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A few thoughts from the headlines

Post by Arx Ferrum on Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:56 pm

Even at my age, I sometimes have a short attention span... especially during football season. I confess that I don't spend a lot of my time hammering political issues. My household is mostly conservative but we have exceptions and it is there... at home, when you discover the shallowness of the subject. It is worth my life to defend my nation and that family from either armed or political invasion... but it borders on the ridiculous sometimes when we see people under the same flag with such polarization.

The reason I mention this is because we often take so much for granted.

In Israel, there is a very productive and healthy society that lives alongside a people who have been raised and trained to kill each of them. I mean, how do you live like that when your neighbor isn't just another member of an opposing political party... but someone who would kill your family, burn your house and then celebrate the destruction?

f you walk into this line of thought for more than a moment, you will find a deep darkness that seems hellbent on itself... not only for the ME, but eventually for here as well.

I support Israel because they have had the capability to wipe out the Palestinian people for decades... but have not.

If these two peoples do not find a way to peace, there will be no peace in that theater or perhaps, anywhere else.

Arx Ferrum

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