Child Abuse by the Florida State Board of Education

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Child Abuse by the Florida State Board of Education

Post by TexasBlue on Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:47 pm

Child Abuse by the Florida State Board of Education

Neal Boortz
October 15, 2012

This story completely outrages me. It’s happening in my home state of Florida – and you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s a story about government education, the single greatest threat to the future of our country. Our Republic can’t survive with the low-information voters we have choosing our leaders right now. Here … just a moment to make a short list of things the average American high school graduate doesn’t know and, what’s worse, doesn’t know that he doesn’t know:

  • The US is NOT a democracy and was never intended to be a democracy.
  • There is NO right to vote in a presidential election
  • The difference between a profit and a profit margin
  • The average profit margin of a big oil company vs. a cosmetic or smartphone company
  • The Emancipation Proclamation did NOT free all the slaves
  • Nowhere does the Constitution say that black people are 3/5ths of a human being
  • Most Americans work for small businesses
  • Most small businesses report their income on someone’s personal income tax return

Sorry … got carried away. The list of things that Americans don’t know that they should know but don’t know that they should and don’t ….. is exhaustive, and the lack of knowledge is dangers. Every one of those items above should be a part of someone’s education before they leave high school … not to mention things like basic reading skills. THERE, my friends, is the key to all learning; the ability to read.

So … here’s what the Florida Board of Education has done; and it’s idiotic, stupid, ignorant and DANGEROUS. Parents are outraged, and they should be.

These ignoranuses on the Florida BOA have now adopted a goal for reading proficiency for students. BUT … they set different goals for different races. That’s right, they adopted different expectations based on the race of the student.

A diversion … but I’ve been studying this for 40 years now, so let’s cover a few things. Our minds are massively complex computers. OK .. you knew this. But what you may not have known is that these computers … our minds … operate. To put this simply, when we are young our minds operate in more of a programming mode than an operational mode. There’s a reason for this … this is when our parents are providing us with some of the basic instructions of life: Stove burners are hot, bees will sting you, knives are sharp, and don’t stick hairpins into electric sockets or reach into the deep fryer to get a French fry. (At least one of the foregoing I had to learn on my own).

Here … an example. When you were a child and you got a scratch your mother would ask her if you wanted her to kiss it and make it better. You would say yes, she would kiss it, and it would immediately feel better. Why? Because she SAID it would, that’s why. Your brain was in the programming mode – that time of life when you accept the instructions and statements of your parents, and other adults, as basic facts of life.

Now … let’s get to the Florida BOA and these reading standards. Here are the standards established by this mob of child abusers; the percentages of students they want to be reading at or above grade level … BY RACE.

  • Asian students – 90%
  • White students – 88%
  • Hispanic students – 81%
  • Black students – 74%

So … here’s the message to black students. Here is what the Florida State Board of Education is telling these young men and women who, God knows, need every bit of encouragement and positive reinforcement they can get. You black boys and girls are being told – at a stage in their lives where words from adults constitute programming – that they just cannot measure up. “Look, we’ll do our best to teach you, but we know you just aren’t going to be able to do as well as the Hispanic or white students, and you damned sure aren’t going to measure up to the Asian students … so just do the best you can.”

This is a complete outrage .. and wait until you see why they did it. But imagine what goes on in the mind of a young black student that is having a bit of trouble handling reading assignments. Maybe they come from a family where learning isn’t valued. Maybe they have friends telling them that they’re trying to “act white” by participating in class and actually taking homework seriously. There is a strong culture against learning in the black community .. but there are many, many young blacks who recognize this and will work hard to break out of that culture and make the most of their educational opportunities. Then along comes these idiots on the Florida BOA to tell them not to be so eager, after all … they’re black and they simply aren’t expected to do as well as those other kids.

Now … why did the Florida BOA adopt these ridiculous standards? It seems that Florida sought waivers from the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act .. and to meet the terms of those waivers --- percentages of students reading at grade level --- they need to set different standards based on race.

Disgusting. These people are as dangerous to the young people of Florida as any street corner drug dealer.


“I’m not in favor of fairness. I’m in favor of freedom, and freedom is not fairness. Fairness means somebody has to decide what’s fair.” - Milton Friedman

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Re: Child Abuse by the Florida State Board of Education

Post by Mark85la on Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:03 pm


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Re: Child Abuse by the Florida State Board of Education

Post by dblboggie on Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:23 pm

Those BOE members should be fired and barred from any future involvement in education.

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Re: Child Abuse by the Florida State Board of Education

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