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Post by Arx Ferrum on Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:26 pm

Alrighty. Since I've been here a grand total of about... what? 24, 36 hours? I thought it time to author up.


***NOTE: Due to my newbiness here, I had to remove all the IMDb links following each of my picks. But they are all listed there and can be easily located if you decide to dig deeper Smile

My Top 5 Pick 6 Choices:

(Drumroll, please....)

At Number 5 - The Changling (1980)
George C. Scott stars as a writer who has recently lost his family in a terrible auto accident and moves to a secluded, old house to regain his senses and write. He soon discovers he is not alone.
No blood. No gore. One of those old-fashion spooky movies that makes your girlfriend sit closer without laughing at the fake guts.

Number 4 - Interview with a Vampire (1994)
Holy cow, Tom Cruise got top name billing but this flick belongs to Brad Pitt and a very young and excessively talented, Kirsten Dunst!

On the hump at Number 3 - Fallen (1998)
Denzel Washington as a cop chasing a fallen angel/demon that can inhabit any body it touches. This one gets under your skin fast and leaves you for dead at the end.

Number 2 - Se7en (1995)
Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman chasing evil incarnate. If the series of murders don't get you, the last one will rip your head off!

My personal Number 1 - The Haunting of Julia (UK: Full Circle) (1977)
The first time I saw this, I was myself haunted for years. Between the soundtrack and the slow but steady build up to the absolutely killer ending, it was more than enough. But that I had to wait for two decades to find it again to watch (discontinued VHS only) just added to effects.

Honorable Mention: Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
Gary Oldman plays the undead dude to perfection. That combined with his harem of wall-climbing ladies of the night, makes a very fitting Halloween experience!

Okay yall, I had my fun. Halloween is only a few weeks away. Get your picks in before they come looking for your candy, lol!
Arx Ferrum
Arx Ferrum

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